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This product, which is a combination of flaxseed and almond meal, can be enjoyed with salads, cheese platters, soups or on its own. Almond crackers have high sources of fiber and protein and does not contain any additives or preservatives.


There are 20 packs of almond crackers in the box.

**Pease contact us for large quantities.





Cracker- Almond and Flaxseed - WHOLESALE -50 gr

VAT Included
  • - Almond Meal

    - Flaxseed

    - Tapioca

    - Olive oil

    - Sea salt

    - Homemade consistency

    - Consonant

    - High fiber

    - Source of protein

  • Allergen warning:  Contains almonds. It may contain trace amounts of hazelnuts, peanuts, sesame, cashews and walnuts.

    Place your almond cracker in its own packaging and keep it in a dry place.

    Allergen warning: Contains almond. May contain traces of sesame and tree nuts.

    Store your almond cracker in a cool, dry place inside its own package.

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