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100% Hazelnut Butter, Organic Raw Cocoa Hazelnut Butter and Organic Almond Butter trio.

375 gr jars.

No additives and preservatives.

No added sugar. Contains natural sugars.

Feels like homemade.


Naked Bites Nut Butter Bundle - 375 gr X 3

SKU: NBB1125
VAT Included
  • What is in Koko?

    - Hazelnut

    - Organic raw cocoa

    - Date extract

    - Sea salt

    - Homemade

    - No Added Sugar (Contains natural sugars.)

    - High Protein

    - Spreadable

    What is in Peanut Butter?

    -Carob molasses

    What is in Almond Butter?

    - Organic Almond & sea salt :)

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